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My Latest Mock Draft

This mock is seven rounds, although only five were done with care. I am not including potential trades at this time and it would take too long to write explanations. This was updated on Sunday the 16th of January after the underclassman declaration dedline.

  1. San Francisco 49ers – Alex Smith – QB – Utah


When you’re picking at #1 you take a franchise QB, even if it isn’t a massive need. Smith goes before Rodgers because he has superior physical tools.


  1. Miami Dolphins – Cedric Benson – RB – Texas


A QB is still here possible here, although very unlikely due to Miami using this year’s second rounder on AJ Feeley. Benson gives Miami what they lost when Ricky retired.


  1. Cleveland Browns – Aaron Rodgers – QB – California


When your QB situation is a mess you go with the potential franchise guy. Cleveland failed with Couch and need a franchise LT, but there isn’t one here.


  1. Chicago Bears – Mike Williams – WR – Southern Cal


Braylon Edwards is the better player, but the Bears experience with Michigan receivers could put them off here. BMW gives them a big target who will put his body on the line over the middle.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ronnie Brown – RB – Auburn


The most likely scenario for the Bucs taking a RB is via a trade down. This would then give them an extra second rounder or future pick to fill other needs such as OT, SS and WR depth.


  1. Tennessee Titans – Antrel Rolle – CB – Miami


With Andre Dyson as good as gone the Titans take his replacement. Samari Rolle could leave soon too and Andre Woolfolk cannot stay healthy. Rolle is also the BPA.


  1. Oakland Raiders – Shawne Merriman – OLB/DE – Maryland


After workouts I am confident that Merriman will be a certain top ten pick. This kid is by far the best LB/DE tweener in the draft and fills the Raiders 3-4 OLB need perfectly.


  1. Arizona Cardinals – Carnell Williams – RB – Auburn


The Cardinals take the last of the franchise backs. Emmitt must be close to retirement now and Shipp hasn’t proved he’s more than a backup.


  1. Washington Redskins – Braylon Edwards – WR – Michigan


With the franchise QBs gone and no DE really worthy of this pick the Skins go with Braylon Edwards, the best receiver in this draft and another weapon to help Ramsey. Both lines need to be addressed later.


  1. Detroit Lions – Justin Tuck – DE – Notre Dame


I am pretty confident that Tuck will be the #1 4-3 DE by draft day. His mix of excellent height and pure speed will make him an exciting and dangerous player opposite James Hall. Thomas Davis would also get a look here.


  1. Dallas Cowboys – Derrick Johnson – LB – Texas


While LB is one of Dallas’ stronger positions the Cowboys take DJ as the BPA in this scenario.


  1. San Diego Chargers – Alex Barron – OT – Florida State


The Chargers steal a legitimate LT to play Opposite Roman Oben. Shane Olivea will be used in the rotation and will be Oben’s successor.


  1. Houston Texans – Thomas Davis – SS/LB – Georgia


SS is probably the Texans biggest overall need, it just depends on whether the Texans feel they need to spend a first rounder on it. It should all depend on Davis’ final grade after workouts.


  1. Carolina Panthers – Adam Terry – OT – Syracuse


The Panthers OL has been a major issue all year after the big loses after the Super Bowl. Terry can pair with Jordon Gross to give them Panthers an awesome pair of book ends for the next 7-8 years.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs – Adam “Pac Man” Jones – CB – West Virginia


He’s already fallen too far here and is a potential top ten pick. Pac Man has awesome track speed and can contribute immediately as a return guy. Not that the Chiefs would need that with Dante Hall around.


  1. New Orleans Saints – Travis Johnson – DT – Florida State


Johnson was the #1 prep DT coming out of HS and failed to live up to his potential until his senior year when he dominated. Jonathan Sullivan is officially a major bust.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals – Brandon Browner – CB – Oregon State


The Bengals have two serviceable corners, but Browner can be the shut down guy Marvin Lewis wants. He has amazing speed and turns so well for a guy for 6”4. His feet and ball skills are what makes him so exciting. Don’t be shocked if Browner rises close to the top ten by draft day.


  1. Minnesota Vikings – Shaun Cody – DT/DE – Southern Cal


Cody is selected to play inside where he can be great on a dome team with his speed and quickness. Cody is stronger than he appears and plays the run well.


  1. St Louis Rams – David Pollack – DE – Georgia


Grant Winstrom hasn’t been replaced. Pollack is a rookie who looks and plays like a vet. He is a Mr Reliable type that should be good for eight sacks per year. He falls here due to his limited upside.


  1. Dallas Cowboys – Dan Cody – DE – Oklahoma


Marcellus Wiley has been a big time bust in Dallas so Cody is the pick. He was the only Oklahoma player to not embarrass themselves during the Orange Bowl.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Erasmus James – DE – Wisconsin


The Jags need a DE far more than any other position after cutting both previous starters earlier this season. James is coming off a big year, but injury risks may make him fall a few spots like Kenechi Udeze did last year.


  1. Baltimore Ravens – Roddy White – WR – Alabama Birmingham


Talking about needs…. When did the Ravens last have a dominating receiver. White is the pick here over Williamson because of his experience and being more polished.


  1. Seattle Seahawks – Channing Crowder – ILB – Florida


Another obvious need based pick. Crowder may also be close to BPA here.


  1. Green Bay Packers – Marcus Spears – DE – Louisiana State


The Packers take a big left end to go opposite KGB. Spears will help immensely vs the run while also generating 7-8 sacks her year.


  1. Denver Broncos – Anttaj Hawthorne – DT – Wisconsin


This was a really tough choice between Hawthorne and CJ Mosley. I decided that Hawthorne was the best choice due to his superior strength and power, which is needed in a division with Priest Holmes and LT.


  1. New York Jets – Heath Miller – TE – Virginia


Chad Pennington needs a guy he can just dump the ball off to for a simple 10 yard pass for a first down. Miller can be the kind of safety net that Todd Heap has been for Kyle Boller is Baltimore.


  1. Atlanta Falcons – Khalif Barnes – OT – Washington


The Falcons take the last left tackle in this draft. Barnes is the fastest OT in this draft running a reported 4.8 forty. At that speed he is perfect for the Alex Gibbs zone blocking system and the Falcons really need help here.


  1. San Diego Chargers – Troy Williamson – WR – South Carolina


Troy is the kind of tall and rangy target the Chargers need. He is the fastest receiver in this draft and has amazing measurables. The only issue is a lack of experience. Williamson is pretty raw and played in a run orientated offense while at college.


  1. Indianapolis Colts – Justin Miller – CB – Clemson


The Colts can move Jason David to nickel and get a stud athlete to start in his place. Miller has awesome speed and will play immediately as a KR/PR. Having a legit #1 corner is essential in a divison with Derrick Mason, Andre Johnson and Jimmy Smith.


  1. New England Patriots – Elton Brown – OG – Virginia


The Patriots select the clear #1 guard to help the interior of the OL, which has really struggled this year.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles – CJ Mosley – DT – Missouri


Assuming that Corey Simon leaves in free agency as has been reported the Eagles will need a replacement as it’s a position with little depth. Mosley has idea size, but needs to hit the height room.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – Carlos Rogers – CB - Auburn


Rogers drops further than expected and the Steelers grab him. He gives them a legit shut down corner.


  1. San Francisco 49ers – Jamaal Brown – OT – Oklahoma


Jamaal falls due to not being able to play left tackle, but the Niners won’t let him drop any further. This is a big need for them and Brown provides a big frame with good speed for a man of his size.


  1. Cleveland Browns – Wesley Britt – OT – Alabama


In real life the Browns would have most likely moved up for Brown in this scenario. However, even without trading a stud tackle falls to Cleveland. Without his injury history Britt could well be a borderline top 15 pick.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles –Eric Shelton – RB - Louisville


I can see the Eagles using Shelton and Westbrook almost like a better version of Atlanta’s Dunn and Duckett. Shelton would be used to run at a DL and wear down the front seven while Westbrook’s elite speed and receiving ability can be used for the big play.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mark Clayton – WR – Oklahoma


The Bucs used a first rounder on a WR last year, but that corps is so old that this year’s second also goes on a WR. Clayton gives them a speedster while huge potential for YPC while Michael Clayton gives them the tough, physical tough who makes the hard yards. It will also confuse the hell out of any announcers.


  1. Tennessee Titans – Kevin Burnett – OLB – Tennessee


The Titans take the best available defensive player apart from a few corners, which has been addressed in the first round. Burnett gives the Titans a more athletic LB with legitimate sideline to sideline speed and a real nose for the ball.


  1. Oakland Raiders – Ciatrick Fason – RB – Florida


The Raiders haven’t been able to find a real starting quality RB since Gruden’s offense left the Bay Area. Fason is pretty quick and can get outside while also runs well between the tackles. Definitely needs work in the weight room.


  1. Chicago Bears – David Baas – OG/OC – Michigan


The Bears have holes all over the offensive line and Baas is the smallest risk available here and my clear #2 guard.


  1. New Orleans Saints – Odell Thurman – L/OLB – Georgia


I have Thurman down as the best remaining LB on my board. He has the athleticism to move outside in the pros, which is why the Saints need help.


  1. Detroit Lions – Ernest Shazor – SS – Michigan


Shazor is really strong at playing the run and is an excellent athlete. He needs work on his coverage skills and technique, but has huge upside. He fills a key need for the Lions.


  1. Dallas Cowboys – Marlin Jackson – DB – Michigan


Passing on Jackson here would be insane for a club that needs help at both corner and safety. Jackson has great versatility and 4.4 speed. He plays physical and aggressive for a guy of his size. Could start anywhere in the secondary, but is happiest at corner.


  1. New York Giants – Michael Munoz – OT – Tennessee


A lack of speed and injury concerns has dropped Munoz back to the fortunate Giants. He is probably the last of the second tier of tackles, a position Eli Manning needs desperately.


  1. Arizona Cardinals – Corey Webster – CB – Louisiana State


While the Cardinals need RB depth and a young QB, Webster is the pick here due to value. RB has plenty of depth while there isn’t any really exciting QB. Webster starts immediately in the place of Duane Starks who is a bust. Webster has 4.5 speed, which is adequate, but will be passed by workout warrior types.


  1. Carolina Panthers – Vernand Morency – RB – Oklahoma State


Davis’ career is pretty much over now while Foster is always hurt. Morency gives them an option with far greater upside than Nick Goings who would like still see some carries.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs – Rian Wallace – OLB – Temple


Wallace showed real leadership skills playing hard for a Temple team that rarely had a shot at winning. He has NFL size already and is physically ready for the next level. I am not sold on his speed and he could have some issues in coverage, especially against elite TEs.


  1. Houston Texans – Chris Canty – DE – Virginia


Canty has been banged up the past year and it has dropped him from a first round prospect to the mid to late second round. He doesn’t have much speed, but he has the size and strength to occupy two blockers as a 3-4 DE. He won’t get the Texans many sacks, but he will help shut down the run.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals – Mike Patterson – DT – Southern Cal


Patterson’s lack of heigh and short arms have damaged his stock. He has a great burst for such a big man really exploding off the snap. He excels vs the run and has a great motor. This is a real steal and will be another cog in the building of the Marvin Lewis defense.


  1. Minnesota Vikings – Brodney Pool – S – Oklahoma


Safety is the biggest need for the Vikings who get their zone picked apart. Pool is a little soft vs the run, but he is very good in pass coverage. He needs to add 10-15 lbs and become tougher. At the moment he is a pussy with huge upside.


  1. St Louis Rams – Marcus Johnson – OT/OG – Ole Miss


Kyle Turley’s career is most likely over so the Rams draft a replacement. That line needs to protect Bulger better if he’s to be able to throw the ball thirty times a game without getting hurt. Johnson is a guard who can move to right tackle due to his balance and strength.


  1. Green Bay Packers – Josh Bullocks – S – Nebraska


The best kept secret in Green Bay is that Sharper is likely to be cut in the offseason. People are becoming increasingly annoyed with his poor play, high financial demands and seeming lack of effort. Bullocks can be an excellent free safety with his coverage skills, but sadly he’s on the same poor level as Sharper vs the run. Bullocks however is a harder worker and a really determined kid.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Matt Roth – DE – Iowa


The Jags taking DEs in the first two rounds is no mistake. After releasing both starters last year they Jags need to get two new starters from either FA or the draft. With both Roth and James being steals the draft is the way they go. I think Roth could add 10 lbs and start on the left side with James on the right.


  1. Baltimore Ravens – Lance Mitchell – ILB – Oklahoma


Mitchell is one of the biggest linebackers in this draft and can gain even more weight to his impressive frame. His is a bit of a risk due to his injury history, but with Ed Hartwell likely leaving in FA this is an important pick.


  1. Seattle Seahawks – Craphonso Thrope – WR – Florida State


Thorpe has become almost the forgotten man of this draft during a quiet senior year. Maybe the broken leg has damaged his playing ability? Either way, he is a likely first or second rounder become he has 4.35 speed, which will make most scouts drool. Seattle is pissed that their receivers drop so many passes and they also don’t have a deep threat at Thorpe’s level.


  1. Buffalo Bills – Chris Colmer – OT – NC State


Colmer is a kid with all the potential in the world, but having Parsonage-Turner syndrome will absolutely kill his stock sadly. The Bills need an OT and if Colmer’s arm isn’t affected by the virus he will be a steal.


  1. Denver Broncos – Jovan Haye – DE – Vanderbilt


The D-line is the first key rebuilding area for the Broncos. After losing Berry to the Cardinals the Broncos now need a replacement pass rusher. Haye led the SEC in sacks during his Jr year, but faced constantly double teams as a Sr and his stats were severely affected. He will turn out to be a major steal for someone and can tear up the NFL.


  1. New York Jets – Alex Smith – TE – Stanford


I feel that Smith is a little overrated by some who have him as a late first rounder, but he is certainly great value in the late second. Smith has average speed and isn’t an amazing blocker, but he just catches the ball. He is the perfect safety net over the middle. He won’t light up workouts, but is extremely reliable.


  1. Green Bay Packers – Charlie Frye – QB – Akron


I’m sure Frye or another QB will go far higher than this, yet clearly behind the top pair. I doubt Frye wows anyone with his workout numbers, but he gives the Packers another option if Favre does decide to retire. At this stage it’s worth the risk.


  1. Atlanta Falcons – Jason Brown – OC – North Carolina


This guy just manhandled most college linemen and could go as high as the first round after getting on the bench press. This kid is real physical and tough. A real blue collar player. I’m not sure on whether he’d fit the Atlanta system, but he is too good to fall any further.


  1. Indianapolis Colts – Luis Castillo – DT – Northwestern


Castillo gives the Colts more beef in the middle of their defensive line. Every year they’re manhandled by a more physical team in the playoffs and they never seem to learn. If they have any brains they’ll bring in a tougher and more physical tackle.


  1. San Diego Chargers – Donte Nicholson – S – Oklahoma


After addressing their offensive needs early the Chargers turn their attention to the D, and safety in particular. With no 3-4 ends worthy of this pick they look for the final piece in the secondary. Nicholson tries to hit like a train and is pretty good at tackling, which adds to his ability vs the run. He has issues in coverage as USC exposed but is too good to pass up here.


  1. New England Patriots – Bryant McFadden – CB – Florida State


There is noone in the league better at finding untapped potential and turning guys with upside into stars. McFadden needs to get into the weight room and bulk a little or NFL receivers will physically abuse him.


63 Philadelphia Eagles – Kirk Morrison – ILB – San Diego State


Morrison isn’t flashy and won’t be a workout warrior, but he’s just a flat out football player. I like his instincts and motor even though he lacks ideal speed. The kid is tough and was a captain at SDSU. He’s the David Pollack of the LBs and can start from day one.


64. Pittsburgh Steelers – Darryl Blackstock – OLB – Virginia


TE and DE depth can be addressed later while Blackstock is the last of the proven 3-4 linebackers. He runs a sub 4.7 forty and can get to the QB consistently. He needs to improve vs the run where he can be physically beaten. Overall he is a pretty raw yet exciting prospect who someone will fall in love with and take much earlier than this.

Braylon Edwards, the #1 WR in the 2005 draft

1,330 yard receiving and 15 TDs this year!



Shaun Cody, a two time national champion and #1 3-4 DE